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Westin Charlotte Parking Garage

  • How can I sign up for Monthly Parking ?

    You can sign up online by clicking on the attached  ” SIGN UP NOW ” button and  follow the instructions.


  • Is there an Activation Fee ?

    Yes. There is a $10 Activation Fee when you sign up for Monthly Parking. You will be issued an Access Card  once the Activation Fee has been collected.
  • Do I need my Parking Access Card ?

    Yes, you need your access card to enter and exit the garage. Parkers without their access card are subject  to paying the prevailing daily rate.
  • What if I lose my Access Card ?

    You should get your Access Card replaced immediately if you lose it. You will incur a $10 Replacement Fee.
    REMEMBER: You are subject to pay any daily rates in the garage until you replace you Access Card. You are required to have your Access Card to maintain Monthly Parking Privilege.
  • When are the Payments Due ?

    All payments are due by the 1st of every month. Late Fees are charged after the 10th day of the month.